Photography Release Form

Thank you for choosing Sketch Creative for your content shoot. To ensure full transparency between both parties, please read and sign the form below.
In signing this contract, you are acknowledging that all information provided is correct. This Agreement is effective from 18th July 2024 between the client (hereby referred to as “The Client”) and Sketch Creative (hereby referred to as “Sketch”).
  • The Client hereby acknowledges that this Photography Release Form became effective on 18th July 2024.
  • The Client hereby authorises Sketch to edit, change, copy, and make any use of all content captured during this content shoot to be used as Sketch deem necessary.
  • The Client grant Sketch the use of these photographs and/or videos for, but not limited to, publication on the internet, magazines, journals, articles, etc., provided that it is used for lawful purposes.
  • The Client hereby acknowledges that The Client will not be entitled to payment or any sort of charge for such action.
  • The Client consents to such materials becoming the shared property of Sketch and The Client provided that it is used for lawful purposes and such rights cannot be revoked.
  • Sketch hereby confirm that all content created during said content shoot will forever be accessible by the client.
Clear Signature